Anya Singh

I spend most of my time working on hard engineering problems. I want to build new ideas that shape the future of how we think, learn, and build.

I love making people laugh and thinking critically about the world.

In my spare time, I’m learning math. I like to create hypotheses about interesting problems in technical industries.

I also really like puzzles.


Previously I:

  • did research and engineering with Purdue & EF
  • explored prosthetics and wearables while developing software at an athletic development company
  • raised $$$ to build smart tech for athletes
  • drafted a paper on how the market for lemons perpetuates poverty traps with Solar4Africa
  • analyzed satellite telemetry data @ JPL
  • used machine learning to understand + optimize new battery (lithium titanate) chemistry
  • built climate resilient housing for droughts in Kenya
  • moved out @ 17 + played tennis in SoCal for 6 mo. after graduating high school
  • growing up played an abnormal amount of chess (and represented Canada at intl. tournaments + SPFGI 3x)
  • did other things & failed - like creating an AI card game like Cards Against Humanity and piloting SMS tech w/ GPT-3 in Bolivia