hi, i'm anya! more about me and what's consuming me these days:

i like asking questions and talking to new people. I enjoy the process of going deep into unknown technical fields.

i feel my most creative and thoughtful being physically active - running, climbing, skiing, swimmming, playing tennis. i'm usually up for (and very excited about) new adventures.

what am i up to now?

i'm learning to be a better engineer.

feel free to reach out

previous experiences

*last updated 2022, contact for full resume

check out the home page for some highlights 🎥

Blockchain Research & Development
Jun 2022 - current
Research in efficient zero-knowledge proof generation and cryptographic automation to build secure networks and systems with students from Purdue University.
Developed implementation mobile-based blockchain as an alternative banking solution
Created research memos on the use of SVMs to accurately grade and categorize blockchain data and vulnerabilities on new networks
Presented research at 2 academic booths/conferences
Innovation Developer
Jun 2022 - August 2022
Designed and developed an internal business tool for securely shortening URLs with React, TypeScript, FastAPI, and MariaDB
Created a browser extension, slack bot and splash page focusing on convenience, security, and ease of use
Conducted user interviews while working on weekly sprints in an agile environment
Presented to RBC Execs during demo days
Product Design and Development
Mar 2022 - Jun 2022
Designed Solana Pay course for new Rust developers
Synthesized feedback from over 30 developers on the improvement of core product, developed new marketing plan
Pitched 4 recommendations to product development team to optimize for builder retention and course time spent
Created product and company roadmaps with wireframes for future product ideas